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St. George - Link up location

2021 ROX ARIZONA (Remote Overland Xpedition)

Remote Overland Xpedition to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Camping in different spots every night overlooking the Grand Canyon. 400 trail miles of remote terrain with no resupply. 4 days and 3 nights of travel and exploration on the North Side of the Grand Canyon.

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2021 ROX ARIZONA (Remote Overland Xpedition)
2021 ROX ARIZONA (Remote Overland Xpedition)

Time & Location

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St. George - Link up location , St. George, UT, USA


About the Event


This adventure will take us to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon over the course of 4 days and 3 nights. Each night we will camp in different spots overlooking the Grand Canyon, with each day being adventure packed with trails taking us to the next campsite. This is remote camping and will not be at any yellow post camp grounds.  The time of year rain is always a possiblity and cold temps. 

This type of trip with for the travel who like the exploring of remote locations.  This isn't a camping trip, but it's a site seeing adventure to very remote locations.

I will answer any questions you have, just email me at

Here are the basic requirements to be able to make the journey.  This isn't a rock craweling trip, but we might incounter obstacles that require techincal driving.

Min Requirements:

- Min 10gals of extra fuel or 375 miles (offroad mpgs) of combined fuel on your vehicle. Which ever is more...

- Good offroad tires with full size spare

- The ablitiy to carry food and water for 4 days without resupply

- Vehicle inspection 1 month prior to the trip to lower risk of possible breakdowns.  The area we will be in, there are not services and we will be 200 miles from a paved road during parts of the trip. Breakdowns out there will stop the progress of the trip for everyone to get you out.

- Camping gear to provide shelter and warm, the ablilty to prepare your own food.  ( Every vehicle is responsible for thier own food and water)

- Postive attiude and enjoyment of adventure!

I look forward to seeing everyone,


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